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Our Clients' Reviews:

Heather, Complex Media


"We had such an amazing experience working with Sabrina and her team from After the Event.  They arrived to the event location early, got right in and started cleaning up the venue exactly at the time they were scheduled for, not a minute later, and they did it with great professionalism.  I did not have one complaint, or have to give much direction to the team that was sent to help clean up after our event.  They knew exactly what they were doing, and in return that made the end of our night a lot less stressful than when we have hired other companies.  We would recommend them to anyone, and will certainly be using them for the next event we have."

Mariana, I.E.E.M. International Event & Exhibition Management


"I was very happy with the service and the price. Extremely friendly – it was a pleasure to work with Sabrina."


Lisa, Upper West Side, New York City

"Willingness to please and to do an excellent job. Wanted us to have a good experience.  Decent, nice people."

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